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In our Harder & Steenbeck Airbrush workshops beginners learn how to airbrush from the very first beginning. Advanced people have the opportunity to deepen their airbrush skills and learn additional tips and tricks . Our professional instructors are able to respond individual requirements. They also provide concrete assistance at any time due to a small number of participants.

The workshops are located in our modern training room, which is in the Harder & Steenbeck building. In our courses you will learn how to work with our high quality products from Harder & Steenbeck and have the opportunity to test all available models .

If you are interested you can take a tour with our guide through the production at the end of the course . After each seminar you can purchase products in the house FlagshipStore " Airbrush Universe".

We ask 6 weeks before the course begins for the payment. The course is only booked by an incoming payment.
We give our customers the opportunity, if necessary, to cancel the course a week bevor beginning.

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Tabletop SNORRI

Referent  Robert Karlsson, alias Rogland
Ort Harder und Steenbeck
Kosten 189,00€+10,00€(für das Model)

SNORRIIn diesem Workshop bekommt jeder Teilnehmer SNORRI aus dem Hause "Nocturna Models", der unter der Anleitung von Robert "Rogland" Karlsson bemalt wird. Nach ein paar Übungen zum Arbeiten mit der Airbrush geht es dann auch schon direkt weiter mit SNORRI. Hierbei erklärt Rogland Schritt für Schritt die richtige Umsetzung folgender Techniken und Effekte und zeigt diese parallel an seinen Vorführmodellen. 

In this workshop each participant receives SNORRI from "Nocturna Models", which will be painted under the guidance of Robert "Rogland" Karlsson. After a few exercises about how to work with the airbrush it directly goes to SNORRI. At this Rogland explains step by step the correct implementation of the following techniques and effects and shows them parallel on his demonstration figures. 

Learn more about this workshop.
Erfahre mehr über diesen Workshop und deinen Dozenten Robert "Rogland" Karlsson.

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24.03.2018 - 25.03.2018 10:00 - 17:00 weiter