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You can find step-by-step instructions and videos here relating to your creative hobby.

Step by Step Steel Crack
The Steel Crack stencil lets you create the effect of sheet metal that’s been ripped open. The outward bent crack in the sheet metal reveals your favourite background. The result is a fascinating motif that can be applied to almost any background, whether t-shirt, canvas or aluminium panel. The A4 mylar sheet bears spraying templates for background and metal scraps as well as the stencil cut-out for the shadow.    
Step by Step Letters

On the Letters stencil’s A4 sheet you will find all letters of the alphabet, punctuation marks and numbers from 0 to 9. It’s the easiest and fastest way to spray any kind of labelling. The comic style font is ideal for greeting cards, signs and for additional elements
in illustrations. With the stencil cut-out you can spray the letters’ – or numbers’ – shadows in order to give them more of a three-dimensional look.

Step by Step Broken Glass

Be it a battered window pane or car window, a perforated tank or a broken glass plate – with the Broken Glass stencil you can spray realistic splinter effects in just a few easy steps. The A4 sheet of solvent-resistant foil will supply you with a spraying template for a point of rupture and associated cracks. Additionally, the sheet bears a stencil for the corresponding broken off pieces plus shading for a nice 3D effect.

Step by Step Water Drops

Whether realistic water drops on the hood of a car or some shiny dew on a floral motif, the Water Drops stencil allows you to easily and effectively spray some refreshing cool water anywhere you like. The A4 mylar stencil bears templates for drops of different sizes with slightly different elliptical shapes. In three steps you can create outline, shadow and light reflections. For the latter you can choose between pointy, arched and “window”.

Step by Step Eagle and Dolphin

The Eagle and Dolphin stencil will provide you with templates for the ever-popular motifs White-tailed Eagle and dolphin – for spraying small illustrations to complement lettering and other objects and combining them with various other Harder & Steenbeck stencils. The spraying template for the flying eagle consists of three parts, for wings, head and wing details. The dolphin stencil consists of body and highlight details and smaller templates for underwater bubbles.

Step by Step Screw Head Set

Hanging signs, assembling metal parts, screwing wooden panels together – the Screw Head Set stencil easily creates realistic screw effects. Have your choice of Phillips, slotted or Allen screws, and have your screw heads rusty or shiny, just as you like. The A4 sheet bears spraying templates for various types of screw heads in various sizes. In three simple steps you can create the screw head’s outline, shadow and respective slot.

Step by Step Bullet Hole

Using this stencil deceptively real-looking bullet holes can easily be sprayed. The stencil features two different-sized patterns with which bullet holes in metal can be build-up in three steps. The alternative pattern lets you create holes with cracks, just like a shot through glass.


Step by Step Blood Splash

With the Blood Splash stencil deceptively real-looking blood splashes are done in a breath. This one-part stencil comes with seven different blotches which can – depending on the motif - be combined or used separately. This way, for example, lettering can be highlighted or your next Halloween dress easily become adorned.

Step by Step Real Flames

Waft of flames are part of every airbrush artist‘s repertoire. With the stencil set of Real Flames, consisting of six parts, fire and wads of smoke can be brushed in various sizes. With the Real Flames a lot of different motifs, especially in the realms of custom painting, can be combined. A nice complement is the skull in the Skull Set 2 stencil package that is also available at Harder & Steenbeck‘s.

Step by Step Checker Plate 2

Checker plates will add a nice metal look to all kinds of objects, e.g. motorcycle tanks, advertising signs and panels. With the Checker Plate 2 stencil you can achieve this effect in just a few simple steps. The checker plate stencil is available in A4 format. It consists of a robust, flexible and washable material and may be used many times over.

Step by Step Checker Plate 1

Originally, checker plates are supposed to make floors less slippery, but when used on vehicles, signs, toilet seats or table tops, they are also a visual ighlight. The Checker Plate 1 stencil lets you spray this „ribbed“ checker pattern onto nearly every object, with deceptively real-looking results. The stencil in A4 format consists of a robust, flexible and washable material which allows you to work on uneven surfaces.

Step by Step Wood Texture

With the help of this Wood Texture stencil you can give any area or object a nice wooden look, in a few simple steps. This stencil is available in three different versions, which may be combined so you can create a variety of different patterns. It consists of a robust, flexible and washable material and may be used over and over again.

Step by Step Leopard

The biggest benefit of the Leopard Stencil is time saving, because with this stencil you can easily bring the complex leopard pattern on every surface. This stencil is extremely versatile as you can use it for lettering, cell phone covers, textiles, etc. Also for motifs already existing this stencil is a great addition.

Step by Step Mural Structure

With the Mural Structure Stencil dramatic backgrounds can be made swift-handed. The one-piece leaves a realistic concrete pattern on the background board. Crafted extra-detailed and applicable on any surface this mural structure is giving a touch of urbanity to the motif. Masonry, house walls, or brick pattern are illustrated in a breath.

Step by Step Skull Set 2

The skull is one of the classic motifs in airbrushing. The Skull Set 2 consists of two parts, enabling the basic contours as well as the following shades. The skull can easily be combined with other stencils, as the Real Flames make the grim skull‘s appearance complete. The Real Flames are also available at Harder & Steenbeck.

Step by Step Turtle Sealife

The Turtle Sealife set lets you create exciting and vibrant underwater landscapes. The main motif is the turtle which can be reworked very realistically using the detail template. Besides the two sheets of mylar offer templates for bubbles, a small school of fish, a hammerhead shark, diver, ray and tropical fish. The spraying templates can be used on flat as well as curved surfaces.

Step by Step Iguana Wildlife

The one-piece Iguana Wildlife Stencil is very detailed and elaborately crafted. All outlines necessary for the scale pattern of the iguana‘s head are blanked off the stencil. By highlighting with some additional shades, the exotic reptile can be illustrated in next to no time.


Step by Step Swan Wildlife

The Swan Wildlife Set is providing a wonderful groundwork for romantic paintings by its two-part swan motif. This majestic bird, spreading the wings, can be integrated into many landscapes and highlighted when landing or up above the clouds.


Step by Step Eagle Wildlife

With this three-part Eagle Wildlife Stencil you can easily illustrate the head of a bald eagle. In the first step you spray the contour and the background. Afterwards the stencil‘s second part brings the beak, the eye, and a bit of the plumage. The third stencil completes the king of the skies, showing up in a profile gesture.

Step by Step Frog Wildlife

The Frog Wildlife Stencil is modeled on the exotic roach frog. It can easily be illustrated with this three-part stencil, and be placed into several environments by using additional Harder & Steenbeck stencils. The elastic material enables placing the motif on arched and uneven surfaces.

Step by Step Toucan Wildlife

The massive colourful beak of the toucan makes this Amazonian bird unmistakable. Even beginners can create a realistic and colourful nature illustrations with the aid of the 3-part "Toucan Wildlife" set. First design the beak, the eye and the body, then add further details as you wish and according to your ability. You can also combine this motif with other Harder & Steenbeck airbrush stencil templates.

Step by Step Tiger Wildlife
You can breathe life into a tiger against any background with this unique template. Whether on a T-shirt, airbrush paper or a motorbike tank, this template allows you to create basic structures and correct proportions for a realistic tiger portrait which you can then refi ne according to your own tastes and ability. Try out this motif in different colours and create a Siberian, White or King Tiger with a coat resplendent in magnifi cent, varied shades.    
Step by Step Space Landscape
Space – the final frontier. Design mountainous landscapes, planets and stars with the flexible "Space Landscape" template. Capture the moon rising over the mountains, or create your own universe on paper, canvas, vehicles or other objects. Combine individual "Space Landscape" elements with each other, use individual parts again and again or add a futuristic skyline to your space landscape using Harder & Steenbeck "Futuristic Cityscapes" airbrush stencil templates.    
Step by Step Futuristic Cityscape
Create your own futuristic cityscape and fantastic skylines in different sizes and shapes with Harder & Steenbeck "Futuristic Cityscapes" airbrush stencil templates. No bothersome outlining, cutting out and pasting on of maskings: simply mist over the template structures, and you can integrate a superb city silhouette in any surroundings. Design your own motifs, or simply combine this set with Harder & Steenbeck "Space Landscape" airbrush stencil
templates – you'll discover worlds you never dreamed of!
Step by Step Skull Set
Skulls are among the classics when it comes to airbrush motifs. The "Skull" set contains two templates depicting a front and side view of a horned skull in three different sizes. This means that the templates can be used for the most varied projects (e.g. an illustration on paper, a motorbike tank or other vehicle parts). Simply vary and combine the different sizes and perspectives and create more of your own motifs for an individual "devilish" look.    
Step by Step Flaming Skull
The 6-part "Flaming Skulls" template set from the young up-and-coming brusher Bas Maatjes offers demonic skulls in different variants and sizes: fl ying or impaled skulls, openmouthed skulls, skulls with horns or a serpent's forked tongue. It also contains pictorial elements such as spears, swords, bones or piled heaps of skulls which can be combined to design complete scenes. In addition to concrete motif templates, the set also contains basic
shapes and curving freehand templates with which fl ames or details such as eyes can be created. The "Flaming Skulls" are eminently suitable for a variety of backgrounds ranging from motorcycle tank fl aps to crash helmets. Let your spooky fantasies run riot!
Step by Step Portrait -The Eye-    
Freehand Portrait Set
Using two different eye illustrations, the artist Paco del Mar explains how to use the Freehand Portrait Set.
Step by Step Portrait -The Mouth-
Freehand Portrait Set
Bring a happy smile to a mouth. In this step-by-step guide, the artist Paco del Mar demonstrates how to create two mouths with the aid of the Freehand Portrait Set.
Step by Step Portrait -Viktoriya-
Freehand Portrait Set
The Freehand Portrait Set allows you to create perfect portraits quickly and easily. The two-part set contains practically every shape and curve important for creating facial contours, eyes, noses, ears or lips. The template concept is based on the experience of the portrait artist Paco del Mar, experience which he has gained over many years. The Freehand Portrait Set can be repositioned time and again during the painting process to create both strong and soft edges. It offers practical help when it comes to tracing lines, from initial styling to the finest of details.
Airbrush Wildlife Art Sandi Baker with the Evolution
The wildlife artist Sandi Baker from North Carolina in the USA demonstrates the creation of a tiger motif in this video and, for the first time, allows us to look over her shoulder. Sandi also reports on the use of HANSA pro-color paints and instruments from Harder&Steenbeck, explaining their advantages and benefits.    
Airbrush guide: airbrush mixing technique with graffiti, marker and the Evolution airbrush
The artists "Laurus" and "MadC" join forces in this film to show you how to create a canvas using the airbrush mixing technique. A Harder&Steenbeck Evolution is employed. The combination of airbrush, marker and spray allows the user to take advantage of a greater application area and realise his or her creative ideas to immense effect.    
Retro Fitting Nozzle
You want to spray more details or work with more color in less time? There are many reasons for upgrading the nozzles of your airbrush. In this video we show you how to retrofit your Harder & Steenbeck airbrushes.
Putting airbrush compressor aero-pro HTC 20a into action
The compressors Euro Tec 20a, Aero-pro HTC 20A, 25A and 30A do not contain any oil during transport. Thus, before first use you have to fill it up with oil to avoid damage. In this video we show you how it works and how to adjust the pressure correctly.    
Infinity Quick Fix Paint Adjustment
How does the Quick Fix work.    
Evolution CRplus twin action
With the Evolution CRplus "twin action" it is possible to use two colors at the same time. You save time and optimize your creative workflow. In this video we show you how easy it is to work with the "twin action".