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Infinity CRplus – Elegant chrome design +

Flaming Skull

Step 1

Position the inside template on your underpainting to align the motif.

Step 2

Apply the outside template as soon as you have found an adequate position on the underpainting. Fix this into position.

Step 3

Spray a few thin layers of white into the skull area.

Step 4

Now position the inside template again and spray a few thin layers of black over it.

Step 5

You can see the intermediate results here. The most important characteristics of the skull are now in position.

Step 6

Now continue with light and shadow. Spray some light shading into the upper skull area to give it a rounder appearance.

Step 7

Spray some additional light areas on the bones and teeth.

Step 8

The initial development of the central skull is now apparent.

Step 9

Now position another skull on the left-hand side with the aid of the inside and outside template.

Step 10

Spray on a few layers of white after you have removed the inside template again. Keep the future central skull free of overspray. Position the inside skull template and spray it out with black.

Step 11

The intermediate results are apparent here. A skull has also been integrated and elaborated on further on the right-hand side using the same technique.

Step 12

The lower jaw of the central skull now takes shape.

Step 13

Spray on a little white freehand for the lower jaw.

Step 14

Now position the lower jaw template again and spray it out with black

Step 15

Remove the overspray with black by reworking the outer contours freehand. You can then work in light and shade again using white.

Step 16

Continue with the sword. Position the template centrally.

Step 17

Spray the cracks in the skull with black and the sword area of the template with white.

Step 18

Create a little shape by adding light and shade to the hilt and skull.

Step 19

You can spray the shaded side of the sword with the straight edge of the template. Cover the left-hand side and spray carefully along the edge.

Step 20

The intermediate results are apparent here.

Step 21

Spray on the first flame shapes freehand.

Step 22

Continue with the transparent turquoise. Mist over the illustration already created with this color.

Step 23

Using transparent yellow will lend everything a really strong, virulently green appearance!

Step 24

The intermediate results are apparent here. I have integrated further details and light areas in the motif.

Step 25

Now use the curves on the Flaming Skull template to make the flames really flicker. Cover the area that should remain black with the curve template and spray in the edge in a small area of the flame only with yellow so that it is somewhat sharper defined and accentuated.

Step 26

You can see a further positioning option on the flames here.

Step 27

Finally, spray a few sparks into the flame feature right at the end to give it more dynamic. 
I hope you have a lot of fun copying these instructions!