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Mission statement

Environmental protection. 
We consider it important to make a contribution to environmental and climate protection. With therefore …
only use high-quality European raw materials (brass, nickel silver, stainless steel and aluminium).

Recycle surplus material created during the manufacture of our airbrushes. We primarily use brass rods for the production of instrument bodies and paint cups. Chip material and swarf are created during turning, drilling and milling which can then be recycled to make new rods.

Dispose of oil and any grinding water produced in an environmentally conscious manner. This means that we ensure that water mixtures which can no longer be used and water-miscible and water-immiscible coolants are separated from each other and collected in containers suitable for this purpose. These are then disposed of by a firm authorised in compliance with the Waste Recycling and Management Law.

Ensure that all our printed material is produced in German companies who print in a carbon-neutral manner. This means that CO2 levels discharged during printing are kept as low as possible and unavoidable emissions compensated for through support of recognized climate projects. Not only established environmental protection and recycling paper is used to protect our forests, but certified paper types (e.g. FCS or PEFC) from sustainable forest management and paper types manufactured in a carbon-neutral manner.

Refrain from using electric power in our production generated by coal-fired and atomic power stations. Instead of this, we exclusively procure green electricity from Northern Germany generated from natural regenerative sources (e.g. solar, hydro and wind power stations in the surrounding region).

Employee philosophy
Social justice is also important to us within the company. This is why…
we currently employ 28 full-time employees, including two with severe handicaps. Our working premises, including all operational plant, machinery and equipment, are designed to facilitate the handicapped, so no member of staff feels discriminated against during work.

Trade association
We want to maintain and promote the airbrush technique, to set quality standards and bring representatives of different sectors together. For this reason, …
we are a founding member of the Airbrush-Fachverband e.V. (Airbrush Association), the central contact point for inquiries from industry and retailers, artists, users, journalists and other interested parties.