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Infinity – Elegant chrome design with innovative long-life needle seal +

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Light and airy: First aluminum airbrush Evolution ALplus +

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Evolution CRplus – The chrome edition +

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Colani – Synthesis of technique and ergonomic +

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Infinity CRplus – Elegant chrome design +

Stencil Set-Eye

Step 1

First sketch in the contours and surfaces of the eye.  The pencil strokes are subsequently worked into the illustration.

Step 2

Position the portrait template to cover part of the iris. Then spray a spot over it.

Step 3

You can now spray out the rest of the iris with black using the circle template.

Step 4

The intermediate results achieved with this loose template technique are apparent here.

Step 5

Now spray out the pupil area with a larger circle template.


Step 6

Add light shading below the lid.

Step 7

Using transparent black, spray in the lower shading in different phases with the aid of the template.

Step 8

Then relocate the template to create the other arc of the eye.

Step 9

Shape the upper eyelid with another curve.

Step 10

You can see the intermediate results here.

Step 11

Add additional shading freehand outside the eye to indicate the facial area. Use another template curve to spray in additional details.

Step 12

Lend the upper lid greater structure with an eraser pencil.

Step 13

A coloured pencil is particularly suitable for depicting the eyelashes.

Step 14

You can see the additional details here in the pupil, the reflection and the structure of the skin.


Step 15

And here’s the intermediate stage of the motif!

Step 16

You can use a brush at the end to paint in the eyebrows.

Step 17

Practice handling the Portrait Stencil Set with this second eye illustration.

Step 18

A template is positioned for the pupil and one for the bright reflection. Now spray the paint on from the centre outwards.

Step 19

The reflection in the eye can be accentuated further with another edge of the template.

Step 20

You can see here how the circle template is deployed.

Step 21

The pupil also needs some color. You are also sure to find the right curve on the template for this purpose. Carefully spray a light run from the outside inwards using transparent black.

Step 22

Now continue with the upper lid.

Step 23

Using the template, keep looking for a suitable curve again and again, partially spraying light shading in each case to give shape to the eyeball. Spray a light shadow from the upper lid to lend volume to the eyeball. 

Step 24

Spray in softer shading freehand. You can also indicate the connection between the eye and skin with thin paint layers.

Step 25

The contours are also accentuated on the lower lid using the portrait template.

Step 26

The eyebrows are developed with a fine brush and misted over with transparent black. You can lend the eye additional structure, light edges and details with an eraser pencil.

Step 27

An electric eraser enables the achievement of very bright light pinpoints.
I hope you have a lot of fun trying out these instructions!