Meik Döpel

Airbrush & Spray Cans
Airbrush & Spray Cans

Meik ''Onkel Hirschi'' Döpel

  • > Day of birth: not specified
  • > Location: South Baden, Germany
  • > Profession: Photoengraving designer
  • > Website:

During his training as a photoengraving designer Meik Döpel aka Onkel Hirschi learned to use and combine a variety of analog painting and drawing techniques.
From watercolor to charcoal to pencil to pen drawings he collected all sorts of professional experience. In his spare time he worked with other techniques, such as oil and acrylic painting.
In 2007 Onkel Hirschi then began with the airbrushing; Trumpets, drums, video game consoles, ... Nothing was and is safe from him. His curiosity for different techniques and painting surfaces brought him to attend workshops of Lars ''Laurus'' Oschatz where he discovered the mix technique of spray cans and airbrush for himself, which he prefers to date.
In addition to his work as a painter in the dial industry and numerous commissions beginners get useful tips and suggestions on his YouTube channel '' onkelhirschi '' on how to deal with the airbrush.