Robert Karlsson

It's all about Tabletop
It's all about Tabletop

Robert "Rogland" Karlsson

Robert Karlsson, born and raised in a small suburb of Stockholm, already painted various miniatures in his early youth. However, the following years his interest for figure painting gave way to music, which he concentrated himself intensively both privately as well as in high school. Thus Robert worked as a professional musician the first three years after his graduation.
In 2010, he began painting miniatures again. And although he is still doing sporadic gigs today, he has wholeheartedly committed to the figure painting.
Currently he is working under his pseudonym "Rogland" for the Studio McVey, the manufacturer of the miniatures from "Sedition Wars", "The Chronicles of Hate", "Blood Rage" and other tabletop series, for which painting jobs he has already won several awards.