Harder & Steenbeck


Seminars in Harder & Steenbeck: Learn from the pros +


In our Harder & Steenbeck Airbrush workshops beginners learn how to airbrush from the very first beginning. Advanced people have the opportunity to deepen their airbrush skills and learn additional tips and tricks . Our professional instructors are able to respond individual requirements. They also provide concrete assistance at any time due to a small number of participants.

The workshops are located in our modern training room, which is in the Harder & Steenbeck building. In our courses you will learn how to work with our high quality products from Harder & Steenbeck and have the opportunity to test all available models .

If you are interested you can take a tour with our guide through the production at the end of the course . After each seminar you can purchase products in the house FlagshipStore " Airbrush Universe".

We ask 6 weeks before the course begins for the payment. The course is only booked by an incoming payment.
We give our customers the opportunity, if necessary, to cancel the course a week bevor beginning.

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