Umberto Zanoni

Skin for canvas
Skin for canvas

Umberto ''Nero di Venere'' Zanoni

  • > Day of birth: 1975
  • > Location: Milano, Italy
  • > Profession: Artist & Tattooer
  • > Website:
After just four years of intensive work with the airbrush the passionate artist Umberto Zanoni had already created enough art works to exhibit these in the prestigious art gallery ''Galleria Eustachi'' in Milan, from 2004 - 2006.
In the following years he continuously perfected using the airbrush and won several prizes with his realistic and surrealistic art works on canvas.
The big change in his approach took place in 2010 when he discovered a new
and fascinating surface.
Namely during his first visit to the ''World Bodypainting Festival''.
Since then, for Nero di Venere art was all about painting bodies!
He makes body art, body painting, makeup, creative makeup and since his training as a tattooer in 2012, some of his works can even not be taken down by a shower no more but stay forever.